Intro to WordPress Workshop

If you have some HTML, CSS, JavaScript skills and you're interested in creating your own custom website in Wordpress, you've come to the right place.

Workshop Overview

What's in store

Welcome to Codeland! Have you been interested in creating your own WordPress website but worried you won't find a theme that's perfect for you? Do you have a WordPress website but you're settling for a mediocre theme design because you couldn’t find the one that works for you? In this workshop, you'll learn how WordPress themes work and create a child theme to finally tailor your website to look exactly how you would like.

The minimum requirements on a Mac are:

OS X 10.9 or greater • 4GB RAM • 1 GB of free disk space • Administrative Access to install

The minimum requirements on Windows:

4GB RAM • 1GB of free Disk Space • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 • Administrative Access to install • CPU with VT-x or AMD-v support enabled in the BIOS.

Get Started!


Flywheel Docs

View the docs to install Flywheel on Windows

Flywheel Docs

View the docs to install Flywheel on MacOS

Cheat Sheet

Here is a cheat sheet on tools, links and terms that will be useful during the workshop.

Slide Deck

Follow along with the slides.

Before The Workshop

Before the workshop, use this checklist to make sure your system is ready to go.

  • Windows Users: You need a CPU with VT-x or AMD-v support
    • Most newer CPUs have that support, but it must be enabled in the bios.
    • Here is an example on how to enable it in the bios. Every machine is different, consult your computer manual for more info.
  • Download and install Local By Flywheel. See Hardware requirements above.
  • Google Chrome
  • Code editor with syntax highlighting. We'll be using Sublime Text 3.

About Us

Here's a little bit about your workshop leaders.

Photo of Angela

Angela Andrews is a systems administrator where she specializes in Linux, Windows, and VMware. She is active in her local coding community where she dabbles in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, PHP, SQL, AWS and WordPress development. In her spare time she's always learning new technologies, blogs, and teaches SPINNING, boot camps & HIIT. She started the UPENN College of Liberal and Professional Studies coding bootcamp just this week.

Angela Andrews

Photo of Angela

Ebonie Butler has her BS degree in Information Technology from Drexel University and, in 2015, she became interested in WordPress as a platform to start blogging about metal music. In late 2016, she participated in the Interactive Mechanics fellowship program, focusing on creating a custom WordPress theme as her final project. At the conclusion of the fellowship, Ebonie started her first developer position with Yikes Inc as a WordPress developer.

Ebonie Butler

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